Memories Cherished

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. Luke 2:19 ESV

Do you save your old day planners? I have always had a hard time throwing them away. I feel as if I would be tossing my cherished memories straight into the garbage. I recently found a stack of my husbands old day planners in the garage. I naturally picked up 1999, the year we met. All of those plans he had penned with his own hand brought this wave of joy over me. That planner suddenly took me back to that “honeymoon phase” with him again and we laughed over great memories. Memories from 16 years ago, yet in that moment, they felt so tangible. Our lives are so busy, and it is easy to forget about all of the beautifully mundane moments that make up the majority of our life. I also think this reflecting back reminds us of how God has been in every moment of our life. You get to see where He planted seeds, where He maybe closed doors on you for good reason, and most importantly how much He has abundantly blessed your life. A couple years ago, I started writing all of my morning devotions in my daily planner. This not only turns my planner into daily memories, but also portrays my relationship with God at that exact time in my life. I want these planners to be more like “Yearly Memory Books” and I want them in the hands of my grandkids one day. My heart is on these pages. And, this is why my daily planner became my place for daily devotions and my place where I do my primary memory keeping. Instead of having your old planners sitting in a box in the garage, why not have them beautifully displayed on a shelf, right next to your scrapbook of your trip to Italy or your daughter’s baby book? And, most importantly, one day it will be in the hands of your great, great, great grandkids, who will be able to take a little peek into your soul.

Check back soon for some exciting memory keeping collaborations happening right here!