Tell us a little bit about yourself and what God has called you to do? Hello! My name is Brooke and I’ve been married to my best friend, T.J., for eight years, and a mother to the light of my life, June, for a little over two years. I am the Creative Director for the lifestyle brand @walkinlove. I have been a professional photographer for almost 10 years, and turned 30 this past October. I believe that God has called me to infuse this world with beauty, purpose and love. Oh, and snack trays.

Where do you live and have you lived anywhere else? I live in Manheim, Pennsylvania (which is part of Lancaster County), and have lived here all my life. I suppose I technically lived in Virginia for two years off and on, while attending Liberty University, but otherwise I’ve been a small town girl forever!

How do you carve out time with God everyday? To be really honest, my God time looks different every day. Somedays it’s first thing in the morning, reading a few passages on my iPhone, and other days it’s during my daughter’s nap time, or in the evening right before bed! I make an effort to have my devotional time during the peaceful moments of my day, when I can be still and really meditate on what I’m reading or praying.

What is your favorite Bible Verse? Share with us why you love it so much. In recent years, my favorite bible verse has been James 4:8, “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.” I love the promise that God will draw near to you if you seek Him.

What is your best organizational/planning tip, other than your Anchored Press Devotional Planner, of course? Oh boy, I have a lot! Due to my job, a lot of my organizational tools are team and social media related! I love and use apps like Later and Snug everyday to help organize my social media tasks, and would also suggest Dapulse as a workflow management system for a team. My main “tip” though, would be to “plan the work, and then work. that. plan.” The weeks where I set aside time, hours at a time even, to plan out my work and life schedule, are always incredibly helpful to my overall productivity, and feeling of peace.

What is your family’s favorite go-to easy meal? I love to cook, so I have a lot of favorite meals that I lean on, but recently it’s been quesadillas - loaded with seasoned black beans and fresh corn, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and sharp cheddar cheese! Topped off with salsa, avocado and a fresh squeeze of lime! Geez, now I’m hungry!

Tell us your favorite God story (in your own life)? My favorite God story is probably how God used the birth of our first child, June Morrow, over two years ago, to be the catalyst for huge changes in our lives. My husband and I have spent the last several years simplifying, throwing out or donating over 60% of our belongings, closing businesses that caused us strain, focusing on what matters most to us, and improving our communication — in both marriage and business.

What are your 3 favorite books, other than the Bible of course? My three favorite books would have to be Chasing Slow, the Harry Potter series, and Ready Player One. #dorkyiknow

We are dying to know  . . . what you are “Practicing” in your current season of life. Goodness — lots of things. With a toddler at home, I’d have to say I’m practicing patience on the daily. I’m also working hard to practice self-control lately, with everything from food to phone time.