This past week in our Weekly Devotional Planner’s we walked through the topic of faith. For those of you new around here, a different contributor writes each week in the Weekly Planner. So this week happens to be my week! I didn’t want this week to pass by and not share my story of “Daring Faith” with those of you not holding a Weekly Planner this year. I hope it encourages you to “let your dreams set sail” and leave the outcome to your heavenly Father.

Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this?

When Esther was crowned queen little did she know God would have an even bigger calling on her life. Having grown up an orphan with a very ordinary life, Esther likely thought being crowned queen was the pinnacle of her story. But God used her crown to call her to a much bigger purpose—saving every single Jew!

What we think is success often times doesn’t even scratch the surface to what God has planned for our life. I experienced this when I launched my first Daily Devotional Planner last year, in 2016. Selling out every single planner was my measure of success. But, I was wrong. I didn’t sell out. I didn’t even sell half. Most people would hate to admit that, but to me, it’s an important chapter in the story God is writing on my life.

My husband and I were going back and forth on two quantities. We were in the middle of a series at church called, Daring Faith. So we felt the smaller number just wasn’t daring enough. So we went for the bigger number! We knew, regardless the outcome, if I was being obedient to God’s call on my life, He would be in the center of it. And we were right! Had we gone for the smaller number we would have sold out very quickly. BUT, I would have been robbed the lavish love God covered me in over the course of the journey. I was more dependent on Him, so I dropped to my knees in deep prayer with Him. I had to surrender to Him, so showed me that HE is in control (like when the planner showed up on the Today Show!)! And when He opened doors at just the right time, I would have missed out on His faithfulness. He taught me that success was not a sellout, but rather the eternal gifts He so generously covered me in through the journey. He is faithful and if we are obedient to His call, no matter the outcome, He will do more than just crown us queen.

What did you hear?

Is God calling you to do something that takes daring faith? Maybe it’s a new business, or a new job, or a church plant? Or maybe it’s motherhood? Make it real by writing it down.

Read Isaiah‬ 41:9-10‬ NIV‬. If God truly has chosen you, what’s holding you back from pursuing your calling?

What do you sense God calling you to do that takes daring faith? Write down a few practical next steps, and create a timeline for those steps. Then take that first step today!

Dear God, I know that your story of my life is the best story. When the journey seems hard remind me that you are in control and your timing is perfect. Help me be obedient to your call on my life. Thank you for the opportunity to use my gifts to serve you and serve others. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

Below is a closer look at the format of the Weekly Planner Devotion Spread: