So I’m doing things a little different around here. Most people roll out their favorite things before Christmas, but I just couldn’t pull myself to do it during the Advent season. I didn’t want my Christmas content to breathe “me” . . . but only breath “He”. So now that the new year is here and most of you are snowed in and itching to shop (I’ve never been snowed in, but I imagine that’s what I’d be doing!), I thought I’d share with you my Favorite Things, in the form of a GIVEAWAY! And this giveaway is reserved for those of you who are actually holding an Anchored Press Planner! Now that you are a couple weeks into your planner, I want you to show the women in your life what it means to you to be Anchored in God's Word. To be entered, post a picture of you and your planner (or just your planner!) in action on Instagram or Facebook! It can be a picture of your devotions all loved on, your goal setting page or simply you just hugging it! Anything goes! Make sure you tag Anchored Press in your photo to be entered to win AND add the hashtag #anchoredpressNEWYEAR17 (so we can find you!). You also need to be following our Facebook OR Instagram accounts to qualify. One lucky winner will win ALL of my Favorite things listed below (a $250 value)! You have until Sunday, January 22nd  at 12pm, Pacific, to post your photo. Winner will be announced and contacted the evening of the 22nd.

Since I’m not really great at sharing about my personal stuff, I thought this would also couple as a fun way for you to get to know me and my heart. I sure wish I could get to know all of your favorite things (share some below)! Also, these are just a few fun things; we have another giveaway lined up in a couple months that will be all of my fav faith-filled things…so stay tuned for that!

1. My Glassybaby’s. This is number 1 for good reason (although they really are not in any particular order)! When I met my husband he collected everything, mostly sports related, but really anything that brought him the slightest amount of joy. He thought it was so strange that I didn’t collect anything. I never even thought anything of it. I don’t like clutter and would rather purge than collect (coming from the girl that just got rid of almost half of her closet over the weekend!). BUT, enter the Glassybaby! My good friend Jen who is from Seattle, where Glassybaby started, introduced me to them. They had me at their tagline on their website “we hand-blow glass with color and light for people who love to give kindness.” (they give back a portion of their proceeds to charity and their CEO has a beautiful story). They hooked me when I lit my very first one. They are hand-blown glass votives, in a variety of beautiful colors, with thoughtful names (the below is named "believe," which the winner of the giveaway will be receiving!) that you put a tealight into and no two are alike! There is just something about their glow that gives me immediate peace. And fair warning, if you buy one, you just might get hooked! I now own close to 25 (but that has been over several years!)! Head over here to take a peek at the full line. 

2. My Stella & Dot cross necklace. I wear it everyday. I usually wear it with my Initial Clover Charm, also from Stella & Dot. The clover represents, what the Irish believe stands for the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and God’s grace…which is why it completes the Anchored Press logo so beautifully! The winner will receive the below beautiful cross necklace. I know everyone has their favorite Stella & Dot stylist, but I obviously think mine is the greatest, so head on over here to meet her.

3. Kisses from Katie. Ok, I just had to share this one because it is such a huge part of my story over the past four years. I’m sure most of you have read this book, but if you haven’t, go purchase it here (or maybe wait to see if you win this giveaway!). So this book really changed our family. When Madelyn was in 4th grade (she's now in 8th!), she read this book for her Biography Book Report. My sweet girl has always had such a heart for missions. Madelyn devoured the book and I couldn’t even wait for her to finish it, so I could read it. I would sneak into her room at night and hang on every word. It wasn’t the fact that a beautiful young homecoming queen, class president, gave up her so-called “American Dream” life to move to Uganda to work with and eventually adopt 14 children that moved us (although that's clearly very impressive, too!). It was her unfathomable love and faith in God that moved us! You couldn’t help but see Jesus in the way that she treated people. I was changed and I had to go out and make a difference. I immediately started volunteering with the Orphan Care/HIV Aids Ministry at our church (I pretty much stalked the gal in charge until she found a spot for me) and this led to my first mission's trip to Rwanda in 2013. I fell in love with the people of Rwanda and our entire family went back in 2015 with Madelyn’s Kids Small Group. Now we all have a piece of our heart there. But, back to Katie, we also support her ministry, Amazima which is doing incredible things in Uganda. You can read more about it here.  

4. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens, Medium Point. I’m a pen snob. I think anyone with a love of paper products tends to care what they are putting on their beloved paper. I finally landed on my favorite pen this past year! Not only does it write so smoothly, but their marketing pitch “spread joy, not smears” holds true. It really does dry SO fast! I just have to warn you that if you have a dog . . . my dog LOVES these! He somehow gets to at least 3 a week . . . that stinker!! So you are forewarned if you have a pup in the house. And although I’m giving away a multi-colored pack, I am a blue pen girl all the way. It’s the only color I write with (see . . . pen snob!). You can order yours here.

5. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. So I can’t give Jamie Ivey away (how cool would that be? Like a lunch date or something? Maybe one day!), but I can give you the link to her Podcast, which was definitely one of my Favorite things in 2016! I have to admit that I had never listened to a podcast until this past year when I finally tuned into hers! And, it’s SO good! There is so much wisdom, beauty and breath to be gained from those she has on her show! I’m such a huge believer that God uses our stories to share with others and grow each other, and her show is packed full of some special ones to learn from. Here’s the link and make sure you subscribe (it took me a while to figure out that one, too)!

6. Cara Clark Nutrition. This is another 2016 find! And, it’s a great one! Cara’s passion is health and her heart is to share that passion with YOU!  She has created a series of challenges to get you on the track to good health. Her challenges are designed to help you reach your goals! Whether you’re hoping to shed a few pounds, increase energy levels, tighten and tone up, learn to eat right, or just want some new meal ideas with accountability, you will love their challenges! What I love most is that it isn't about dieting, it's about yummy, healthy eating! Most of her challenges are similar but the meals change and are seasonally based. There’s always something new and different! And, she is giving one away to you ($59 value). Check out more about Cara here

7. The Giving Keys. This is hands down my favorite gift right now! I am loving their bracelets, but their necklaces make great gifts, too. I am giving away a bracelet that matches mine. I had my word of the year, SEEK, engraved on it and wanted the person who wins the giveaway to remember to “SEEK first His Kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) in 2017! They sell about a dozen different inspirational words on all kinds of metals, but you can also have a custom word engraved and my favorite is to have it engraved with a special Bible Verse. The core of the company and the founder’s heart is beautiful, too. Head here to read her story.

8. Starbucks. One thing you might not know about me is that I don’t like coffee (gasp!). I don't like hot drinks. I like cold drinks and the more ice the better. My husband also doesn’t do coffee and let me tell you, when we lived in Portland, Oregon people looked at us like we had four eyes when we told them!! Every once in awhile (if I’m freezing), I will do a hot tea. But, I will mostly just hold it and wait for it to cool off. My favorite Starbucks is a Green Iced Tea, no water, no syrup, with a splash of lemonade (you should try it, it’s yummy!). And, for the record, you should also know that I was addicted to Diet Coke and kicked the habit about 3 years ago! So, I’m here to tell you, you can do it if you were like me! Private message me and I will let you in on my secrets! I’m giving away a $20 gift card to the lucky winner!

9. Lollia Shea Butter Hand Creme. Lastly, my favorite hand cream of all time! Lollia and only in Wish (I also have this scent in perfume and it is so yummy!). It is quick drying so your hands are left super soft without that clammy feel. I always have a tube of Lollia on me. You can find her great line, here

That wraps it up! My prayer is this giveaway spreads God’s love and your posts encourage others to stay anchored in His Word!

 “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” PSALM 96:3 KJV