Last fall, shortly after I launched the 2016 Anchored Press Daily Planner, I started to receive requests for a weekly version. At the time, I didn’t see a place in our brand for a weekly planner because it didn’t align with my heart to help women stay anchored in God’s Word on a daily basis.

But then God changed my heart. I couldn’t get this idea of 52 women in 52 weeks, spurring you all on through God’s Word, out of my mind. It became clear that God wanted me to bring the hearts of 52 women to the pages of the 2017 Weekly Devotional Planner. And in order to keep you in the Word on a daily basis, each devotion is followed by a full week of reflecting and growing in that weeks Bible verse and theme.

So the idea and format were secured, so naturally it was time to pray this thing into existence! My specific prayer was that each devotion would be God-breathed and represent a topic that would grow your soul. I started contacting writers who I personally followed on social media, whose hearts shined brightly for Jesus, and had a way of moving my own heart. After they were contacted, I secured about 15 women. I sat there with these (awesome!) 15 committed contributors and thought, “ok, this might be a little tougher than I originally thought.” But, it wasn’t . . . because God was in the center of it. A couple weeks into me gathering contributors, God opened the door for me to attend a very intimate event with a few influential Christian evangelists. He used these new relationships to secure more contributors, and then He used their influence to secure even more. Isn’t He strategic? With God’s help (and a whole lotta persistence!) I was able to secure 52 contributors in just a few weeks. God is good and He gets all the glory!

The 2017 weekly devotional planner is filled with 52 women, who wrote devotions inspired by 52 different Scriptures that will challenge you to grow in 52 varied areas of your life. The format is as follows: 

Monday–Read the devotion and reflect on what you heard.

Tuesday–Answer the author’s specific question as to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Wednesday– A time to pray over the theme of that week’s devotion.

Thursday–An opportunity to dig deeper in your Bible, and deeper into the week’s theme.

Friday–This is where we want you to take action. You will be challenged to make a change or move forward in a particular area of your life.

Each weekly devotion proceeds a two-page weekly agenda spread (below), allowing you to plan each day of the week, your to-do's and meal plans in one tidy spot. While the heart of the planner is keeping you anchored in God's Word, the beat of it is keeping you organized, giving you little excuse to miss a moment with God. 

This planner humbles me. I’m humbled that God chose me to produce it. I’m humbled that these 52 women said YES to sharing their gift of words with you. And, above all, I’m humbled that you will be holding it one day. My prayer is that each word you read and page you turn brings you into a deeper communion with your Heavenly Father.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews10:24